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Gene Review

cysM  -  cysteine synthase B

Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhimurium str. LT2

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Disease relevance of cysM


High impact information on cysM

  • The results give a gene order of cysA-cysM-crr-ptsl-ptsH-cysK over a distance of approximately 12 kilobases. cysM and cysA have been cloned and expressed in pBR322; attempts to obtain stable pBR322 derivatives carrying cysK were unsuccessful [2].
  • The enzyme is identical to cysteine synthase B. The intracellular level of this enzyme was regulated by lesser extents of the same factors as those effective for cysteine synthase A [3].
  • Enzymatic proof for the identity of the S-sulfocysteine synthase and cysteine synthase B of Salmonella typhimurium [3].
  • The mutant locus responsible for this defect has been designated cysM, and genetic mapping suggests that cysM is very close to and perhaps contiguous with cysA [4].
  • Since cysM cysK double mutants are cysteine auxotrophs, by selecting for triazole resistance in cysM strains, mutants arising under this condition also should be constitutive for cysteine biosynthesis [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of cysM


Biological context of cysM


Associations of cysM with chemical compounds

  • No difference in the induction of two cysteine biosynthetic enzymes--sulphite reductase and O-acetyl-L-serine sulphydrylase--in wild-type, cysK and cysM strains was observed under aerobic conditions [7].
  • These observations are consistent with the assumption that the observed growth delay of the cysM mutant under anaerobic conditions is the result of abnormalities in the regulation of sulphite reductase [7].
  • Mutants lacking cysteine synthase B were unable to grow on thiosulfate, whereas mutants lacking cysteine synthase A grew on the four inorganic sulfur sources described above with little difference in their growth rates [9].
  • Purification of cysteine synthase B resulted in the copurification of S-sulfocysteine synthase [9].

Other interactions of cysM

  • These activities appear to be associated with the cysM gene, and this is able to be cotransducted with the cysK gene at a high frequency [9].


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