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Gene Review

Evx2  -  even skipped homeotic gene 2 homolog

Mus musculus

Synonyms: EVX-2, Evx-2, Homeobox even-skipped homolog protein 2
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High impact information on Evx2

  • Among them are the loss of Hoxd10 function, the sum of remaining Hoxd gene activity, and the ectopic gain of function of the neighboring gene Evx2, all contributing to the mispositioning, the absence, or misidentification of specific lumbo-sacral pools of motoneurons, nerve root homeosis, and hindlimb innervation defects [1].
  • These results highlight the importance of a systematic approach when studying such clustered gene families, and give insights into the function and regulation of Hox and Evx2 genes during early spinal cord development [1].
  • These results show that, in limbs, Evx-2 functions like a Hoxd gene [2].
  • The analysis of these various genetic configurations revealed the important function of Evx-2 during the development of the autopod as well as its genetic interaction with Hoxd-13 [2].
  • Function of the Evx-2 gene in the morphogenesis of vertebrate limbs [2].

Biological context of Evx2

  • Studies have demonstrated that a "distal limb enhancer," remotely located upstream of the HoxD complex, is required to drive embryonic autopod expression of the posterior Hox genes as well as the two additional non-Hox genes in the region: Evx2 and Lnp [3].
  • In addition, Evx 1 and Evx 2 share extended amino acid conservation outside of the homeobox [4].
  • We previously reported that EVX2 is localized at the 5' end of the HOX4 locus on chromosome 2 [5].
  • Mapping studies localized Evx-1 to chromosome 6, near the Hox-1 gene cluster, and Evx-2 to chromosome 2, near the Hox-4 cluster [6].

Anatomical context of Evx2

  • The Evx1- and Evx2-like central nervous system expression observed in these mice suggests that the long-range regulatory element(s) for the Hox cluster existed before the cluster duplication [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Evx2

  • RNA in situ hybridization analysis of Evx expression in embryos demonstrated a striking pattern of Evx-1 expression during gastrulation, whereas Evx-2 RNA could not be detected at any stage by this technique [6].


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