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Gene Review

GFLVs2gp1  -  polyprotein

Grapevine fanleaf virus

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Disease relevance of GFLVs2gp1


High impact information on GFLVs2gp1

  • A phosphorylated polyprotein of 90,000 daltons (p90) was immunoprecipitated from extracts of Y73-transformed chicken embryo cells by a variety of antisera reacting with gag gene products [4].
  • The grapevine fanleaf nepovirus 24K chymotrypsin-like cysteine proteinase, located between the VPg and the RNA polymerase in the RNA-1 encoded polyprotein P1, is active in its free form and in various precursors forms [5].
  • The positions of the cleavage sites within the polyprotein have been mapped and the genome organization of GFLV-F13 RNA2 has been established [1].
  • The region of the genomic RNA-1 from grapevine fanleaf virus isolate F13 (GFLV-F13), containing the proteinase cistron and flanking sequences (nucleotides 3894 to 4789) of the GFLV polyprotein, was modified by PCR mutagenesis to create a start codon and cloned in a transcription vector [6].
  • The Arg/Gly cleavage site deduced by N-terminal amino acid sequence analysis is the first for a nepovirus coat protein and for plant viruses expressing their genomic RNAs by polyprotein synthesis [7].

Biological context of GFLVs2gp1

  • The analysis of the N-terminal sequence of purified coat protein (CP) and identification of its C-terminal residue have allowed the CP cistron to be precisely positioned within the polyprotein [7].
  • These RNAs are 3753 nt (GDefV) and 4607 nt (GARSV) in size and contain a single open reading frame encoding a polyprotein of 122 kDa (GDefV) and 150 kDa (GARSV) [8].

Associations of GFLVs2gp1 with chemical compounds

  • The primary structure of the polyprotein includes a putative RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of 92K and a cysteine protease of 25K [9].


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