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Gene Review

Junb  -  jun B proto-oncogene

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Jun-b, MyD21, Transcription factor jun-B
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Disease relevance of Junb


High impact information on Junb

  • The AP-1 transcription factor JunB is a transcriptional regulator of myelopoiesis [2].
  • Here we show, by a knock-in strategy and a transgenic complementation approach, that Junb can substitute for absence of Jun during mouse development [3].
  • A role for the transcription factor JunB in proliferation control was investigated in genetically modified mouse fibroblasts [4].
  • Linkage and genetic distance were established for 10 loci by analysis of 114 meiotic events and indicated the following gene order: (centromere)-Insr-3.5 cM-Plat-26.3 cM-Crryps/Mel/Jund-3.5 cM-Junb/Ucp-10.5 cM-Mt-1-27.2 cM-Acta2-0.9 cM-Aprt [5].
  • Probes for jun D identified two genetic loci; one, Jund-1, is near Junb on Chr 8, and a second, previously unidentified locus termed Jund-2, was mapped to Chr 2 [6].

Biological context of Junb

  • Junb can rescue both liver and cardiac defects in Jun-null mice in a manner dependent on gene dosage [3].
  • The murine homolog of v-jun, Jun, was mapped to chromosome (Chr) 4, and a locus containing jun B-related sequences (Junb) was mapped to Chr 8 [6].


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