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Gene Review

Ldb2  -  LIM domain binding 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AI035351, AW146358, CLIM-1, CLIM-1a, CLIM-1b, ...
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High impact information on Ldb2

  • By contrast, CLP-36 mRNA is expressed in several nonmuscle tissues, and here we demonstrate high expression of CLP-36 in epithelial cells by in situ hybridization analysis [1].
  • Our subcellular localization studies indicate that in nonmuscle cells, CLP-36 protein localizes to actin stress fibers [1].
  • Transcription factor activity of the LIM-HD proteins requires the formation of a tetrameric complex consisting of two LIM-HD molecules linked by a dimer of cofactor (Clim) molecules [2].
  • Significantly, in some cases, Lmo or Clim gene expression is robust where no LIM-HD gene expression is detectable [2].
  • Ldb2 is ubiquitous at gastrulation, and later is found in many but not all tissues, especially the anterior central nervous system (CNS) and vasculature [3].

Biological context of Ldb2

  • However, little is known about the nature of CLIM1b or the evolutionary conservation of this type of alternative splicing in amphibians and teleost fish [4].
  • Human CLIM1 and CLIM2 genes were mapped to the chromosome on 4p15.3 and 10q24-q25 regions, respectively [5].

Anatomical context of Ldb2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ldb2


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