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Gene Review

egl-30  -  Protein EGL-30

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on egl-30

  • Animals defective in both sag-1 and eat-16 are inviable, but reducing function in egl-30 restores viability, indicating that the lethality of the eat-16; sag-1 double mutant is due to excessive G(q)alpha activity [1].
  • We sought other components of the Goalpha-G(q)alpha signaling network by screening for aldicarb-resistant mutants with phenotypes similar to egl-30 (G(q)alpha) mutants [2].
  • We find that C. elegans egl-30 encodes a heterotrimeric G protein a subunit more than 80% identical to mammalian Gqalpha family proteins, and which can function as a Gqalpha subunit in COS-7 cells [3].
  • Two egl-30 alleles specify premature termination of Gqalpha and are essentially lethal in homozygotes [3].
  • We have identified new egl-30 alleles in a selection for genes involved in the C. elegans acetylcholine response [3].

Biological context of egl-30


Other interactions of egl-30

  • The effects of slo-1 and egl-30 on VA sensitivity can be explained by their actions upstream or parallel to syntaxin to increase the level of excitatory neurotransmitter release [6].


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