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Gene Review

Nin  -  ninein

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 3110068G20Rik, AI385615, AU024711, Kiaa1565, Ninein, ...
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High impact information on Nin

  • In addition, a dramatic inhibition of cell migration was observed; but, contrary to cells treated by drugs inhibiting MT dynamics, polarized membrane ruffling activity was not affected in ninein overexpressing cells [1].
  • Microtubule nucleation and anchoring at the centrosome are independent processes linked by ninein function [2].
  • Our results suggest that ninein has a role not only in microtubule anchoring but also in promoting microtubule nucleation by docking the gamma-TuRC at the centrosome [2].
  • We show here that ninein, a component of subdistal appendages, localizes to the centriole via its C-terminus and interacts with gamma-tubulin-containing complexes via its N-terminus [2].
  • Ninein seems to play an important role in the positioning and anchorage of the microtubule minus-ends in these epithelial cells [3].

Biological context of Nin


Anatomical context of Nin

  • We propose that ninein is a non-nucleating microtubule minus-end associated protein which may have a dual role as a minus-end capping and anchoring protein [3].
  • We describe the cDNA cloning of ninein, a novel component of centrosomes [4].
  • Ninein has recently been observed in cultured fibroblast cells to localise primarily to the post-mitotic mother centriole, which is the focus for a classic radial microtubule array [3].
  • To investigate these questions, we have examined the redistribution of the centrosomal proteins pericentrin (PC), gammatub, and ninein in the C2 muscle cell line [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nin


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