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Gene Review

Bsnd  -  barttin CLCNK-type chloride channel...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Barttin
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Disease relevance of Bsnd

  • Recently, mutations in barttin, a protein not related to any known ion transporter or channel, were described in BSND, a variant of Bartter syndrome associated with sensorineural deafness [1].

High impact information on Bsnd


Biological context of Bsnd


Associations of Bsnd with chemical compounds

  • Microdissection of the inner medullary collecting duct and thin limb of Henle's loop followed by real-time PCR revealed that CLC-K1 and barttin mRNA regulation in inner medulla was limited to the thin limb; mRNA levels in collecting ducts were not affected by furosemide treatment [3].

Other interactions of Bsnd

  • Localisation and regulation of ClC-K1 and barttin mRNA was analysed by RNase protection and in situ hybridisation [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bsnd


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