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Gene Review

Sox7  -  SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 7

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Sox-7, Transcription factor SOX-7, mSOX7
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High impact information on Sox7

  • Sox7 is therefore required for the induction of Gata-4 and Gata-6, and the interplay among these transcription factors plays a crucial role in parietal endoderm differentiation [1].
  • This enhancer carries Sox protein-binding sequences, and our analysis demonstrated that Sox7 and Sox17, which are highly expressed in the extraembryonic endoderm, were involved in enhancer activity [2].
  • However, only Sox7 expression markedly activated the Fgf-3 promoter in these cells [3].
  • Xenopus Sox17alpha, Sox17beta, Sox3 and mouse Sox7 are reported to be negative regulators of the WNT-beta-catenin-TCF signaling pathway [4].
  • Sox7 mRNA was detected during embryonic development in many tissues, most abundantly in brain, heart, lung, kidney, prostate, colon and spleen, suggesting a role in their respective differentiation and development [5].

Biological context of Sox7

  • This Fgf-3 expression was virtually abolished when Sox7 expression was suppressed by RNA interference [3].
  • This cDNA contains an open reading frame (ORF) coding for 362 amino acids, which encompasses an HMG box and exhibits a strong (90%) identity to that of mouse Sox7; the cDNA was named xSox7 in this study [6].
  • Chromosomal mapping analyses localised mouse Sox7 on band D of mouse chromosome 14, and assigned human SOX7 in a region of shared synteny on human chromosome 8 (8p22) [5].

Other interactions of Sox7


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