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Gene Review

Sox17  -  SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 17

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Sox-17, Transcription factor SOX-17
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High impact information on Sox17


Biological context of Sox17


Anatomical context of Sox17

  • The inefficient movement of the anterior endoderm, and the abnormal differentiation highlighted by the lack of Sox17 and Foxa2 expression, may underpin the malformation of the head of Lhx1 mutant embryos [6].
  • Sox17 expression in respiratory epithelial cells was first detected in the fetal lung at embryonic day 18 [4].
  • Sites of expression and the effects of Sox17 in vivo and in vitro are consistent with a role for Sox17 or other members of the Sox family of transcription factors in differentiation of the conducting airway epithelium [4].
  • The Sry-related HMG box transcription factor, Sox17, is required for formation of definitive endoderm that gives rise to various organs, including thyroid, lung, liver, pancreas, and intestine [4].
  • The rice field eel Sox17 was dominantly expressed in gonads of male, female, and intersex, besides in brain and spleen [7].

Regulatory relationships of Sox17

  • In vitro, Sox17 inhibited Sftpc and enhanced Foxj1 promoter activity, consistent with its expression in proximal airway cells [4].
  • Conditional expression of Sox17 in peripheral respiratory epithelial cells of adult lung induced hyperplastic clusters of cells expressing increased levels of beta-catenin and differentiation markers representing multiple proximal respiratory epithelial cell types [4].

Other interactions of Sox17

  • Northern blot analysis revealed that the steady-state levels of mouse Sox7 and Sox17 mRNAs increased in parallel with that of Lama1 mRNA during the differentiation of F9 cells [8].
  • Redundant roles of Sox17 and Sox18 in postnatal angiogenesis in mice [9].
  • The HMG domain is encoded by exons XI and XII, separated by an intron that is conserved among Sox-5, Sox-13, and Sox-17 [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sox17

  • Molecular cloning and expression of Sox17 in gonads during sex reversal in the rice field eel, a teleost fish with a characteristic of natural sex transformation [7].


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