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Gene Review

Aldh4a1  -  aldehyde dehydrogenase 4 family, member A1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: A930035F14Rik, ALDH4, Ahd-1, Ahd1, Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 4 member A1, ...
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Disease relevance of Aldh4a1


High impact information on Aldh4a1

  • The enzymes involved in degradation of proline are proline oxidase and P5C dehydrogenase; both are present in liver cells [2].
  • The locus was shown to segregate independently of Ahd-1 (encoding the mitochondrial AHD-A2 isozymes on chromosome 4; HOLMES 1978) [3].
  • In this study, non-responsiveness cosegregated with the b allele at the Gpd-1 and Ahd-1 loci [1].
  • Genetic variants for liver mitochondrial (AHD-1) and cytoplasmic (AHD-2) isozymes have been used to map the responsible loci (Ahd-1 and Ahd-2) on chromosomes 4 and 19 respectively [4].

Biological context of Aldh4a1

  • From this result, we found that the postprandial hypercholesterolemic response to an acute polyunsaturated fat-cholesterol feed, cosegregated with the a allele at the Gpd-1 and Ahd-1 loci, on mouse chromosome 4 [1].

Anatomical context of Aldh4a1

  • Mouse ALDH exhibits extensive multiplicity, several forms of which have been characterized, including ALDH1 (liver cytoplasmic/class 1 isozyme); ALDH2 (liver mitochondrial/class 2.); ALDH3 (stomach cytosolic/class 3); ALDH4 (liver microsomal/class 3); and ALDH5 (testis cytosolic/class 3) [5].

Associations of Aldh4a1 with chemical compounds


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