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Gene Review

ZNF423  -  zinc finger protein 423

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Ebfaz, JBTS19, KIAA0760, NPHP14, OAZ, ...
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High impact information on ZNF423

  • The mutually exclusive use of OAZ by the BMP-Smad and Olf pathways illustrates the dual role of a multi-zinc finger protein in signal transduction during development [1].
  • OAZ contains a BMP signaling module formed by two clusters of fingers that bind Smads and the Xvent-2 BMP response element, respectively [1].
  • Cloning and functional characterization of Roaz, a zinc finger protein that interacts with O/E-1 to regulate gene expression: implications for olfactory neuronal development [2].
  • Introduction of Roaz and O/E-1 into cells containing an olfactory promoter-driven luciferase reporter demonstrated that Roaz abolished O/E-1-mediated transcriptional activation [2].
  • We propose that the function of Roaz is to modulate negatively the transactivational activity of O/E-1 and to act as a switch protein in the coordination of olfactory sensory neuron differentiation [2].

Biological context of ZNF423

  • Roaz, isolated via a yeast two-hybrid screen, encoded a protein containing 29 C2H2 zinc fingers of the TFIIIA type [2].
  • This motif probably exhibits a more general role in regulating gene expression, since other proteins containing this domain, including all Sall family members and an unrelated zinc finger protein Ebfaz, mediate transcriptional repression and associate with NuRD [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ZNF423

  • HBB, FTL and OAZ gene profiles were monitored by real time-polymerase chain reaction (PCR) quantification during and for 3 weeks after drug administration [4].


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