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Gene Review

DNM3  -  dynamin 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Dynamin, testicular, Dynamin-3, KIAA0820, T-dynamin
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Disease relevance of DNM3


High impact information on DNM3

  • Cells transfected with the dynamin 3 construct had less uniformly distributed nectin 2 at intercellular contacts when compared to control cells expressing only nectin 2 or transfected with the DsRed plasmid alone [2].
  • The role of dynamin 3 in the testis [2].
  • Our findings are consistent with the conclusion that dynamin 3 is involved with tubulobulbar morphogenesis [2].
  • We report here that dynamin 3 in the testis is associated with structures termed tubulobulbar complexes that internalize intact intercellular junctions during sperm release and turnover of the blood-testis barrier [2].
  • Dynamin 3 also occurs in concentrated deposits around the capitulum and striated columns in the connecting piece of sperm tails suggesting that the protein in these cells may function to stabilize the base of the tail or serve as a reservoir for use during or after fertilization [2].

Anatomical context of DNM3

  • This treatment promoted the concentration of the cytosolic GTPase dynamin 3 (Dyn3) in neurite segments when most untreated cells displayed a homogenous punctate distribution of Dyn3 [3].

Associations of DNM3 with chemical compounds

  • The Dyn3-labelled segments were excluded from those revealed by APP staining after aldehyde fixation [3].

Regulatory relationships of DNM3

  • The cytosolic domain of APP induces the relocalization of dynamin 3 in hippocampal neurons [3].


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