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Gene Review

F2  -  coagulation factor II (thrombin)

Bos taurus

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High impact information on F2

  • The synthesis of the amino acid sequence found in bovine prothrombin precursor 13-29 (PTP 13-29) has been achieved by solid-phase synthesis of the bis(acetamidomethyl)-protected linear peptide followed by cyclization to the monomeric disulfide [1].
  • Plasma abnormal prothrombin and microsomal prothrombin precursor in various species (38492) [2].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The F2 kringle domain in mzTBN-F1 is bound to the electropositive heparin-binding site on thrombin in an orientation that is systematically shifted and has significantly more interdomain contacts compared to a noncovalent complex of free F2 and free thrombin [3].
  • Analysis of F2 subunits in their deglycosylated forms indicated that the difference in the molecular weights of the F2 subunits was due to the difference in the extent of glycosylation [4].
  • To delineate the molecular basis for differences in the molecular weights of F2 subunits among the BRSV strains, the nucleotide sequences of the F genes of FS1 and VC464 strains were determined from cDNA clones [4].

Anatomical context of F2

  • The vitamin K-dependent carboxylase activity of bovine liver microsomes has been purified 500-fold by adsorption to an antiprothrombin column and elution with a dodeca peptide which competes with a prothrombin precursor enzyme recognition site [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of F2


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