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Gene Review

GUK1  -  guanylate kinase 1

Bos taurus

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Disease relevance of GUK1

  • Expression of the GK cDNA in E. coli, and the purification and functional characterization of the expressed enzyme are presented [1].

High impact information on GUK1


Biological context of GUK1


Anatomical context of GUK1


Associations of GUK1 with chemical compounds

  • It is shown that bovine retinal GK, like its yeast counterpart, contains the characteristic glycine-rich motif and all the amino acids involved in GMP binding [1].
  • Enzymes of the cyclic GMP metabolism in bovine retina. I. Cloning and expression of the gene for guanylate kinase [1].
  • The presence of three soluble nucleotide phosphotransferases in bovine rod outer segments was demonstrated: guanylate kinase (EC, nucleoside-diphosphate kinase (EC and adenylate kinase (EC [5].
  • Pyrimidine nucleoside monophosphate kinase is not very much affected by such modifications, whereas GMP kinase does not tolerate such alteration [6].


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