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Gene Review

NXPH1  -  neurexophilin 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: NPH1, Nbla00697, Neurexophilin-1
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Disease relevance of NXPH1


High impact information on NXPH1

  • A novel flavoprotein, NPH1, is also implicated in plant phototropism [4].
  • Together our data suggest that neurexophilin constitutes a secreted glycoprotein that is synthesized in a subclass of neurons and may be a ligand for neurexins [5].
  • RNA blots and in situ hybridizations revealed that neurexophilin is expressed in adult rat brain at high levels only in a scattered subpopulation of neurons that probably represent inhibitory interneurons; by contrast, neurexins are expressed in all neurons [5].
  • The search might be over, however, as two photoreceptors, phytochrome and NPH1, have been shown to autophosphorylate in a light-dependent fashion [6].
  • Sensitivity of ts36 to IFN was only the consequence of the point mutation in the NPH-1 gene, as shown by characterization of the rescued virus, R36 [3].


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