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Gene Review

egr2b  -  early growth response 2b

Danio rerio

Synonyms: EGR-2b, Early growth response protein 2b, KRX-20, Protein krx-20, SO:0000704, ...
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High impact information on egr2b

  • First, vhnf1 promotes r5+r6 identity through an obligate synergy with Fgf signals to activate valentino and krox20 expression [1].
  • Widespread overexpression of Pou2 can rescue the segmental krx20 and val domains in spg mutants, but does not induce ectopic expression of these genes [2].
  • The latter being established through differential expression of a hierarchy of transcription factors, including Hox genes, Krox20, and Kreisler/Valentino [3].
  • Cloning of the zebrafish krox-20 gene (krx-20) and its expression during hindbrain development [4].
  • To begin to examine the function of genes that control early development in the hindbrain, we have screened an embryonic zebrafish cDNA library with a murine krox-20 gene probe that contained the conserved zinc finger regions [4].

Biological context of egr2b


Anatomical context of egr2b

  • Furthermore, in the absence of functional rbmx, expression of specific markers for the fore- and hindbrain (otx2, krox20) was severely reduced [8].

Other interactions of egr2b

  • The identity of each rhombomere is specified by the expression of conserved transcription factors, including Krox-20, vHnf1, Val (Kreisler, Mafb) and several Hox proteins [9].
  • Double in situ hybridization with krox20 and cyp26d1 reveals that cyp26d1 is expressed in presumptive rhombomere 2-4 (r2-r4) at 2-somite stage [10].
  • Our results indicate that reduction in Brg1 expression leads to the expansion of the forebrain-specific transcription factor, six3, and marked reduction in expression of the mid/hind-brain boundary and hind-brain genes, engrailed2 and krox20, respectively [11].


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