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Gene Review

H3F3A  -  H3 histone, family 3A

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: H3.3A, H3F3
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High impact information on H3F3A

  • The human histone proteins that were characterized were H3.3A histone (NCBI accession number: 51859376), H2B histone (NCBI accession number: 1568557), H2A.5 histone (NCBI accession number: 70686), H1 (NCBI accession number: 22770677), and H2.1 histone (SwissProt accession number: P16403) [1].
  • In contrast to the H3.3B promoter, the promoter region of the H3.3A gene revealed neither a TATA nor any CCAAT boxes but an initiator element and several SP1 binding sequence motifs within an overall GC-rich sequence [2].
  • The functional relevance of the elements identified by sequence analysis was established using a reporter gene assay with deletion constructs of the H3.3A promoter [2].
  • In this assay a 256 bp fragment was sufficient for the full promoter activity and three promoter segments, each containing SP1 binding motifs, contribute to the H3.3A gene expression [2].
  • Localization of the human H3F3A histone gene to 1q41, outside of the normal histone gene clusters [3].

Anatomical context of H3F3A


Other interactions of H3F3A

  • Therefore we cloned, sequenced and characterized the regulatory structures of the H3.3A gene and compared these with the corresponding regions in the H3.3B gene [2].


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