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Gene Review

H3F3B  -  H3 histone, family 3B (H3.3B)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: H3.3B
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High impact information on H3F3B

  • (1) Band shift and supershift analysis demonstrated the binding of AP-1 and transcription factors of the CRE-binding protein/activating-transcription-factor family to the H3.3B CRE/TRE [1].
  • cAMP/phorbol ester response element is involved in transcriptional regulation of the human replacement histone gene H3.3B [1].
  • (3) PMA treatment of cells transiently transfected with H3.3B promoter constructs linked to a luciferase gene caused a 4-5-fold increase in reporter gene activity, whereas mutation of the CRE/TRE element abolished the PMA response [1].
  • These results demonstrate that activation of the protein kinase C pathway by PMA results in an early up-regulation of H3.3B gene expression via the CRE/TRE element [1].
  • In contrast to the H3.3B promoter, the promoter region of the H3.3A gene revealed neither a TATA nor any CCAAT boxes but an initiator element and several SP1 binding sequence motifs within an overall GC-rich sequence [2].

Biological context of H3F3B


Anatomical context of H3F3B

  • RT-PCR validation of Affymetrix GeneChip expression of H3F3B, a member of the 3B histone family that maps to 17q25.1, revealed a doublet band in cDNA from one of four EOC cell lines, OV90 [6].
  • In contrast to three other EOC cell lines (TOV81D, TOV112D and TOV21G) and primary cultures derived from normal ovarian surface epithelial cells (NOSE), sequence analysis of the cDNA revealed a deletion of G at position 1484 of the transcribed sequence which is located within the 3'UTR of H3F3B [6].

Other interactions of H3F3B

  • Therefore we cloned, sequenced and characterized the regulatory structures of the H3.3A gene and compared these with the corresponding regions in the H3.3B gene [2].


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