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Gene Review

H3f3a  -  H3 histone, family 3A

Mus musculus

Synonyms: H3.3A
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Psychiatry related information on H3f3a

  • When copulations did occur, these resulted in very few pregnancies, suggesting that mutations in the H3.3A gene may contribute to some cases of impaired fertility in man [1].

High impact information on H3f3a

  • We show here that the three polyadenylated mRNAs produced from the H3.3B gene, as well as the single mRNA produced from the related H3.3A gene, are coordinately induced during the first few hours of MEL cell differentiation and subsequently down regulated as cells undergo terminal differentiation [2].
  • These different expressions might reflect a possible function of H3.3A in cell differentiation as detected in MEL cells [3].
  • We have cloned an H3.3A cDNA from a mouse fetal ovary library, differentially screened with testis versus somatic cDNA probes [4].
  • 3. This protein is encoded by two different genes (H3.3A and H3.3B) that both code for the same amino acid sequence, but differ in nucleotide sequences and gene organization [5].
  • H3.3A variant histone mRNA containing an alpha-globin insertion: modulated expression during mouse gametogenesis correlates with meiotic onset [4].

Biological context of H3f3a


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of H3f3a

  • Using Northern analysis and in situ hybridization, the pattern of H3.3A expression was studied during the development of different tissues [3].
  • On Northern blot analysis using the 2 cloned differentially expressed fragments labeled with [alpha-(32)P]dCTP by the random primer method, a marked decrease was seen in expression of mRNA for ALF1 and histone H3.3A in hippocampal neurons cultured under sustained exposure to static magnetic fields at 100 mT [6].


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