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Gene Review

HBA2  -  hemoglobin, alpha 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: HBA-T2, HBH
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Disease relevance of HBA2

  • In addition, male clusters differed significantly for percent ever having had pneumonia, priapism, or dactylitis, and females differed significantly for height and weight. %Hb F and its inverse relationship with %HBA2 was more highly associated with the measures of severity than the degree of anemia or MCV [1].
  • One hundred ninety-seven children with sickle cell anemia were followed for 4 years at the Wayne State Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center to evaluate the stability of the hematological variables (Hb, Hct, RBC count, MCV, %HbF and %HBA2) over time [2].
  • Nineteen patients had positive serological tests for syphilis (TPHA) and two men, both homosexuals, had positive hepatitis (HBA2) serology [3].

High impact information on HBA2

  • The HBA1 (alpha1-globin) and HBA2 (alpha2-globin) genes were individually amplified and sequenced [4].

Biological context of HBA2


Other interactions of HBA2

  • The HBA2 alleles c.1A>G, c.79G>A, and c.281T>G, and the HBA1 allele c.475C>A were new [5].


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