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Gene Review

eya1  -  EYA transcriptional coactivator and...

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, wu:fc13c10, zgc:100770
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High impact information on eya1

  • Furthermore, development in mc2r knockdown morphants does not differ from aal/eya1 and lia/fgf3 mutants [1].
  • In contrast to other organs, adenohypophyseal cells of eya1 mutants do not become apoptotic, and the adenohypophysis remains at rather normal size [2].
  • Furthermore, eya1 is required for maintenance of pit1 expression, leading to subsequent loss of cognate hormone gene expression in thyrotropes and somatotropes of mutant embryos, whereas prolactin expression in lactotropes persists [2].
  • The dog locus encodes the eyes absent-1 (eya1) gene and single point mutations were found in three independent dog alleles, each prematurely truncating the expressed protein within the Eya domain [3].
  • The zebrafish dog-eared mutation disrupts eya1, a gene required for cell survival and differentiation in the inner ear and lateral line [3].

Biological context of eya1


Anatomical context of eya1

  • Unlike in mouse, six1 does not appear to be dependent on eya1, although it seems to be important for the regulation of eya1 and pax2b expression in the ventral otic epithelium [5].


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