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Gene Review

Lsd-2  -  Lipid storage droplet-2

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 145098_at, CG9057, DmPLIN2, Dmel\CG9057, LSD-2, ...
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Psychiatry related information on Lsd-2


High impact information on Lsd-2

  • Furthermore, we show that the accumulation of activated Akt in the cytoplasm is responsible for this phenotype and leads to a much higher expression of LSD2, the fly homologue of the vertebrate lipid-storage protein perilipin [2].
  • In addition, the demonstration that LSD2 regulates both transport and lipid metabolism suggests a link between lipid-droplet motion and lipid homeostasis [3].
  • Similar to its mammalian counterpart Perilipin, LSD2 is responsible for regulating lipid homeostasis [3].
  • We find that lack of LSD2 causes a specific transport defect: Droplet distribution fails to undergo the dramatic changes characteristic of the wild-type [3].
  • Microtubule motors: LSD2 trips the toggle [1].

Biological context of Lsd-2

  • We examined the function of Lsd2, one of only two PAT domain-encoding genes in the Drosophila genome [4].
  • We have generated an Lsd2 mutant and described its phenotype [5].
  • Consistent with its expression in the female germ line, we showed that Lsd2 is a maternal effect gene that is required for normal embryogenesis [5].

Anatomical context of Lsd-2


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