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Gene Review

vkg  -  viking

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 1209, 6072, CG16858, CT25584, Coll IValpha2, ...
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High impact information on vkg

  • The ovo transcript encodes a protein of at least 1209 amino acids with four zinc fingers, suggesting that ovo might be a transcription factor required for female germ line maintenance and gametogenesis [1].
  • In the absence of hemocytes migrating adjacent to the developing VNC, the extracellular matrix components Collagen IV, Viking and Peroxidasin are not deposited around this tissue [2].
  • The expression of several additional interactors--viking (vkg), Cg25, and laminin-alpha (LanA)-is affected only in a nonautonomous manner [3].
  • In early development, viking and DCg1 are transcribed in the same tissue-specific pattern, primarily in the hemocytes and fat body cells [4].
  • A complete 1209 kb cDNA has been sequenced from the trophosome and identified as a putative alpha-CA based on BLAST analysis and the similarities of total deduced amino-acid sequence with those from the GenBank database [5].


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