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Gene Review

pim  -  pimples

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG5052, Dmel\CG5052, PIM, Pim, frag2, ...
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High impact information on pim


Biological context of pim


Anatomical context of pim

  • High-resolution analysis shows that the cytoskeleton forms from microvilli-like pimples that project actin filaments into the cytoplasm [4].
  • When cultured in the presence of jasplakinolide, an agent that prevents filament disassembly, pimples elongate to form microvilli containing a core of crosslinked filaments [5].
  • During bristle development the emerging bristle shaft, socket cell, and the apical surface of thoracic epithelial cells form tiny protuberances or pimples that contain electron-dense material located on the cytoplasmic surface of the pimple tip [5].

Associations of pim with chemical compounds

  • Whereas these securins are known to form a complex with separins, we show that PIM associates in vivo with THR, which does not contain the conserved separin domain [3].

Other interactions of pim

  • Since it has been shown that active cdc2 is required to maintain the arrest seen in fzy embryos we wished to determine if pim+ and thr+ were also required [6].
  • Drosophila separase associates with regulatory subunits encoded by the pimples and three rows genes [7].
  • Furthermore, as pimples and microvilli form in the absence of both forked and fascin crossbridges, we also conclude that neither of these crossbridges account for core bundle formation in microvilli, but there must exist a third, as yet unidentified crossbridge in this system [5].


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