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Gene Review

otp  -  orthopedia

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BcDNA:RE58095, CG10036, CG2965, Dmel\CG10036, Homeobox protein orthopedia, ...
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High impact information on otp


Biological context of otp

  • Our analysis of the spatio-temporal expression pattern of otx and otp orthologs during P. vulgata embryogenesis leads to the following conclusions [5].

Anatomical context of otp


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of otp

  • A single putative OTP gene product was found in 17-week human fetal brain tissue by Western blot analysis using a novel polyclonal antibody raised against a conserved 13-amino-acid sequence at the C-terminus of the OTP protein [4].


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