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Gene Review

Msp300  -  Muscle-specific protein 300 kDa

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BBF-1, Bbbf1, BcDNA:AT10293, BcDNA:GH02446, BcDNA:GH18470, ...
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Disease relevance of Msp-300


High impact information on Msp-300

  • Studies of the subcellular localization of this muscle-specific protein in primary embryonic cultured myotubes show that MSP-300 decorates actin filaments, and that it is specifically enriched in sites where actin microfilaments are linked to the plasma membrane [2].
  • Several of the up-regulated proteins, including the dystrophin-related protein, MSP-300, and the homolog of the neuronal activity-regulated protein, ARC, localize to specific subcellular muscle structures that may provide key structural sites for cytoskeletal remodeling in dystrophic muscles [3].
  • A GFP fusion protein containing the C-terminal region of MSP-300 is also sufficient to localize protein on the nuclear envelope in oocytes [4].
  • The KASH domain protein MSP-300 plays an essential role in nuclear anchoring during Drosophila oogenesis [4].
  • We find that MSP-300, a 7000-residue Drosophila melanogaster protein whose disruption results in defects of muscle development, corresponds to the N-terminal two-thirds of the Drosophila nesprin ortholog [5].

Biological context of Msp-300

  • Analysis of the somatic muscle phenotype in MSP-300 mutant embryos suggests that the protein contributes to the integrity of the somatic and visceral muscle during periods of significant morphogenetic change [1].
  • A Drosophila dystrophin-related protein, MSP-300, is required for embryonic muscle morphogenesis [1].

Anatomical context of Msp-300

  • ANC-1 is shown to consist of mostly coiled regions with a nuclear envelope localization domain (called the KASH domain) and an actin-binding domain; this structure was conserved with the Drosophila protein Msp-300 and the mammalian Syne proteins [6].
  • The enhancement of aberrant muscle phenotype in the double mutants suggests a link between MSP-300 and laminin function in mediating proper extension of the myotube towards the epidermal muscle attachment site [1].

Other interactions of Msp-300

  • Functional synergism between MSP-300 and laminin is demonstrated by the analysis of the phenotype of embryos mutant for both genes [1].


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