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Gene Review

ECH_0170  -  variable length PCR target protein

Ehrlichia chaffeensis str. Arkansas

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Disease relevance of ECH_0170


High impact information on ECH_0170

  • E. canis gp19 has substantial carboxyl-terminal amino acid homology (59%) with E. chaffeensis VLPT and the same chromosomal location; however, the E. chaffeensis VLPT gene (594 bp) has tandem repeats that are not present in the E. canis gp19 gene (414 bp) [1].
  • Analysis of the 120-kDa OMP gene and variable-length PCR target gene showed size variations resulting from loss or gain of long, direct repeats within the protein coding sequences [2].
  • The isolates were characterized by molecular analysis of the 16S rRNA gene, the 120-kDa protein gene, and the variable-length PCR target (VLPT) of E. chaffeensis [3].
  • On the basis of the 120-kDa and VLPT genotypes, the cerebrospinal fluid and blood isolates from the same patients were identical [3].
  • This is the most extensive study of E. chaffeensis VLPT and 120-kDa antigen gene genetic variation to date and is the first to examine genetic variation in E. chaffeensis from a nonhuman vertebrate host [4].

Biological context of ECH_0170

  • The isolates were characterized by molecular evaluation of the 16S rRNA gene, the groESL heat shock operon, a 120-kDa immunodominant protein gene, and an incompletely characterized repetitive-motif sequence (variable-length PCR target [VLPT]) [5].

Anatomical context of ECH_0170

  • PCR amplification of the VLPT gene on whole blood, cell culture, and tissues detected primary and/or secondary strains in all deer exposed to both primary and secondary strains; in one deer, the primary strain was cultured from the lymph node [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ECH_0170


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