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Gene Review

Rpt2  -  Regulatory particle triple-A ATPase 2

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 26S protease regulatory subunit 4, 5289, CG5289, Dm-S4-1, DmP26S4, ...
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High impact information on Pros26.4

  • We find that Pros26.4 negatively regulates Hairless at the genetic and molecular level [1].
  • Thus, the Hairless-Pros26.4 interaction provides a novel mechanism of positive regulation of Notch signalling [1].
  • Charged residues in the S4 transmembrane segment play a key role in determining the sensitivity of voltage-gated ion channels to changes in voltage across the cell membrane [2].
  • We have isolated mouse P26s4 cDNAs and mapped the P26s4 gene to chromosome 12 [3].
  • We have analyzed the intron-exon structure of the P26s4 genomic locus and have determined that the gene contains at least 10 introns, the first of which separates the start methionine from the rest of the coding sequence [3].

Other interactions of Pros26.4


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