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Gene Review

nct  -  nicastrin

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG7012, Dmel\CG7012, NCSTN, Nct, Nic, ...
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Disease relevance of nct


High impact information on nct

  • Missense mutations in a conserved hydrophilic domain of nicastrin increase A beta42 and A beta40 peptide secretion [2].
  • The transmembrane glycoprotein Nicastrin was identified in a complex with the multipass membrane protein Presenilin [3].
  • Different cofactor activities in gamma-secretase assembly: evidence for a nicastrin-Aph-1 subcomplex [4].
  • Our results indicate that the four components of gamma-secretase, viz. presenilin, nicastrin, APH-1, and PEN-2, are present and enriched on phagosome membranes from both murine macrophages and Drosophila S2 phagocytes [5].
  • In addition, we show that Nicastrin as well as Notch are required to maintain normal R-cell morphology, because the nuclei of mutant photoreceptor neurons cannot maintain their proper position [1].

Biological context of nct


Anatomical context of nct


Physical interactions of nct

  • Aph-1 and Nct may form a subcomplex that stabilizes the Psn holoprotein at an early step in gamma-secretase assembly [4].

Regulatory relationships of nct

  • Further, Nicastrin is genetically required for signaling from membrane-anchored activated Notch [6].

Other interactions of nct

  • Here we show that Drosophila Nicastrin is required for Notch signaling, and acts specifically at the S3 cleavage step [8].
  • Nicastrin might recruit gamma-secretase substrates into the proteolytic complex as a prerequisite for Presenilin maturation and active complex assembly [6].


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