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Gene Review

Ncstn  -  nicastrin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 9430068N19Rik, AA727311, Aph2, D1Dau13e, Kiaa0253, ...
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Psychiatry related information on Ncstn


High impact information on Ncstn

  • Presenilin interacts with nicastrin, APH-1 and PEN-2 (ref. 6), all of which are required for gamma-secretase function [2].
  • Gamma-secretase depends on presence of presenilins (PS), Nct, Aph-1, and PEN-2 within a core complex [3].
  • Interestingly, significant amounts of full-length PS1 and PEN-2, but not APH-1, are detected on the plasma membrane in Nct KO cells, suggesting the Nct-independent cell surface delivery of the PEN-2.PS1 [4].
  • Presenilin 1 and presenilin 2 have differential effects on the stability and maturation of nicastrin in Mammalian brain [5].
  • Post-translational glycosylation and trafficking of nicastrin is necessary for the activity of these complexes [5].

Biological context of Ncstn


Anatomical context of Ncstn

  • In adult mouse, nicastrin is highly expressed in muscle membranes, whereas presenilin levels are very low [9].
  • We also show that endogenous PEN2 expression was drastically higher in wild-type than in PS- and Nct-deficient fibroblasts and was enhanced by proteasome inhibitors only in the two deficient cell systems [10].
  • Nicastrin-null embryos died by embryonic day 10.5 and exhibited several patterning defects, including abnormal somite segmentation, phenotypes that are reminiscent of embryos lacking Notch1 or both presenilins [11].
  • In N2a and 293 cell lines that stably overexpress PS1, APH-1, NCT, and PEN-2, PS1 fragment levels are elevated by up to 10-fold over endogenous levels [12].
  • AVs were also the most enriched subcellular fraction in levels of the gamma-secretase components presenilin and nicastrin [13].

Associations of Ncstn with chemical compounds

  • After RA treatment the NICA siRNA clone failed to differentiate completely into networks of neurons [14].

Physical interactions of Ncstn

  • Together, these results establish that nicastrin is an essential component of the multimeric gamma-secretase complex in mammals required for both gamma-secretase activity and APP trafficking and suggest that nicastrin may be a valuable therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease [11].

Other interactions of Ncstn


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