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Gene Review

ITGAM  -  integrin, alpha M (complement component 3...

Ovis aries

Synonyms: C3bi, CD11B, CR3
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High impact information on ITGAM

  • Therefore, different signal transducing mechanisms for phagocytosis appear to be triggered by the binding of Hc yeasts to CD18, and by the binding of EC3bi to CD11b/CD18, respectively [1].
  • In the presence of bound Mn2+, the three- dimensional structure of the ligand-binding A-domain from the integrin CR3 (CD11b/CD18) is shown to exist in the "open" conformation previously described only for a crystalline Mg2+ complex [2].
  • The binding activity of CD11b/CD18 was also enhanced 3- to 10-fold by these peptides, but enhanced function was transient: binding of erythrocytes coated with C3bi reached a maximum by 30 min and declined thereafter [3].
  • CD11b/CD18 is a heterodimeric leukocyte surface receptor which functions in both C3bi-ligand binding and homotypic and heterotypic cell adherence [4].
  • Phenotypic analysis by flow cytometry and immunohistochemical techniques of the inflammatory cells responding to F1 fraction showed a prevalence of (CD11b/CD18, Mac-1)+ peritoneal macrophages [5].

Biological context of ITGAM

  • In turn, acylation of Lys860 alone did not permit toxin activity on erythrocytes, while it fully supported the high-affinity binding of CyaA-K983R to the toxin receptor CD11b/CD18 and conferred on CyaA-K983R a reduced but substantial capacity to penetrate and kill the CD11b+ cells [6].

Anatomical context of ITGAM

  • An immobile subset of plasma membrane CD11b/CD18 (Mac-1) is involved in phagocytosis of targets recognized by multiple receptors [4].
  • These results suggest that inflammatory (CD11b/CD18)+ macrophages may be related to immunological disturbances, caused by cell wall components of P. brasiliensis [5].

Associations of ITGAM with chemical compounds


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