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Gene Review

macho1  -  zic related zinc finger protein Ci-macho1

Ciona intestinalis

Synonyms: Ci-macho1, Zfp53
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High impact information on macho1

  • These results strongly suggest that muscle cell differentiation in Ciona embryos is controlled by four key factors: maternal macho1 and zygotic Tbx6b, Tbx6c, and ZicL [1].
  • The two T-box genes are primary mediators of macho1 function, and cooperation between the zygotically expressed transcription factors is indispensable for muscle cell differentiation in Ciona embryos [1].
  • Maternally deposited mRNA encoding the Zic family zinc-finger protein Ci-macho1 is a determinant responsible for muscle cell differentiation in Ciona intestinalis embryos [1].
  • Here, we show that of the Ci-macho1 downstream genes, only Ci-Tbx6b and Ci-Tbx6c promote ectopic differentiation of muscle cells when misexpressed in non-muscle blastomeres [1].
  • Second, we determined a possible binding sequence of Ciona macho1. macho1 recombinant proteins of both C. intestinalis and Ciona savignyi recognized a sequence, 5'-GCCCCCCGCTG-3', that resembles the mammalian Zic binding site [2].

Biological context of macho1

  • The macho-1 gene of Halocynthia roretzi encodes a zinc-finger protein: the gene is only expressed maternally, the resultant maternal mRNA is localized to the myoplasm, and the gene function is essential for muscle cell differentiation [3].
  • In Ciona maternal CiZic/Ci-macho1 transcripts are localized during cleavage stages by asymmetric cell division, whereas zygotic expression by neural plate cells commences during neurulation [4].

Anatomical context of macho1

  • Interestingly, we found that the Ciona macho-1 genes are expressed both maternally and zygotically: their maternal transcript is localized to the myoplasm while their zygotic expression is seen after neurulation in cells of the central nervous system [3].
  • Cipem and Ci-macho1 mRNAs were co-immunoprecipitated with CiYB1 in the oocyte and embryo lysates [5].
  • Furthermore, some of the genes including three Wnt genes noted in the quantitative analyses implied that Ci-macho1 is involved in the differentiation of endoderm and mesenchyme via intracellular communications [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of macho1

  • In the present study, we firstly performed a screen, using a quantitative PCR method, of genes encoding transcription factors and components in major signaling pathways to identify those regulated downstream of Ci-macho1 in early embryos of Ciona intestinalis [2].


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