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Gene Review

cathD  -  CG1548 gene product from transcript CG1548-RA

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CATH, CG1548, CT3996, CTSD, CathD, ...
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High impact information on cathD

  • Other vesicular transport pathways, including Tfn receptor recycling, Tfn receptor biosynthesis, and cathepsin D transport to lysosomes via Golgi-derived coated vesicles, were unaffected [1].
  • HSpin1-induced cell death increases autophagic vacuole and mature form of cathepsin D, suggesting a novel caspase-independent cell death, which is link to autophagy [2].
  • The E2-responsive Sp1(N)(x)ERE(1/2) motif identified in the TGFalpha gene promoter has also been characterized in the cathepsin D and heat shock protein 27 gene promoters; however, in the latter two promoters the numbers of intervening nucleotides are 23 and 10 respectively [3].
  • While the cathD insertion variant was detected only in the sequenced y; cn bw sp strain, the insertion variant present in the heterochromatic Cht3 gene was found to be fixed throughout twelve D. melanogaster populations and in a D. mauritiana strain suggesting that it maybe of adaptive significance [4].
  • Within the euchromatin of chromosome 2R a full-length Burdock LTR retrotransposon is located immediately 3' to cathD, a gene encoding cathepsin D. We tested for the presence of these two TE/gene associations in strains representing 12 geographically diverse populations of D. melanogaster [4].


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