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Gene Review

bgcn  -  benign gonial cell neoplasm

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BGCN, Benign gonial cell neoplasm protein, Bgcn, CG10330, CG10331, ...
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Disease relevance of bgcn


High impact information on bgcn

  • Here we investigate how bam and bgcn regulate the male germline stem cell lineage [2].
  • Taken together, our results suggest that bam and bgcn regulate progression through the male germline stem cell lineage by cell-intrinsically restricting the proliferation of amplifying germ cells [2].
  • By generating FLP-mediated clones, we demonstrate that both bam and bgcn act autonomously in the germline to restrict proliferation during spermatogenesis [2].
  • Cessation of mitotic proliferation and onset of the meiotic program is regulated by the bam and bgcn genes acting within male germ cells and a TGF-beta class signaling cascade in surrounding somatic cells [3].
  • Also, mutations in bgcn dominantly enhance a bam mutant phenotype, further corroborating the interdependence of these two genes' functions [4].

Biological context of bgcn


Anatomical context of bgcn

  • The data indicate that, like bam, bgcn is required for cystoblast development and that germ cells lacking bgcn become trapped in a stem cell-like state [7].
  • Misexpression of Bam eliminates wild-type stem cells, apparently by inducing them to divide as cystoblasts. bgcn stem cells remain active when Bam is misexpressed, probably because they cannot adopt the cystoblast fate [7].

Other interactions of bgcn


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