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Gene Review

SMC6  -  structural maintenance of chromosomes 6

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FLJ22116, SMC protein 6, SMC-6, SMC6L1, Structural maintenance of chromosomes protein 6, ...
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High impact information on SMC6

  • Another complex containing SMC5 and SMC6 is implicated in DNA repair and checkpoint responses [1].
  • We have examined the response of smc6 mutants to the inhibition of DNA replication [2].
  • We show here that both S. pombe and human Smc5 and -6 interact through their hinge domains and that four independent temperature-sensitive mutants of Rad18 (Smc6) are all mutated at the same glycine residue in the hinge region [3].
  • Both the total level of hSMC6 and its phosphorylated form remain constant through the cell cycle [4].
  • Both hSMC5 and hSMC6 proteins are expressed at extremely high levels in the testis and associate with the sex chromosomes in the late stages of meiotic prophase, suggesting a possible role for these proteins in meiosis [4].

Biological context of SMC6

  • Genetic and biochemical studies indicate that Rad60 functions codependently with Smc5 and Smc6, subunits of an SMC (structural maintenance of chromosomes) complex required for recombinational repair [5].


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