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Gene Review

MLH1  -  DNA mismatch repair protein MLH1

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA MUTL-HOMOLOGUE 1, ATMLH1, F23J3.170, F23J3_170, MUTL-homologue 1
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Disease relevance of ATMLH1

  • Using degenerate primers, we have cloned the first plant homologue of the E. coli MutL gene, which we have called AtMLH1 for Arabidopsis thaliana MutL-homologue 1 [1].

High impact information on ATMLH1

  • Localization of the MutS homologue AtMSH4 occurs, suggesting that double Holliday junctions (dHjs) are formed, but the MutL homologue AtMLH1, which forms a heterocomplex with AtMLH3, fails to localize normally [2].
  • One line that carries a T-DNA insertion in the promoter region of the AtMLH1 gene was isolated [1].
  • Sequence analysis revealed that the product of this gene shows extensive sequence homology with other eukaryotic MLH1 proteins [1].
  • Surprisingly, although the insertion occurred only approximately 80 bp upstream of the putative transcription start site, Northern analyses revealed very low but similar amounts of AtMLH1 transcript in both the wild type and the T-DNA insertion lines [1].
  • AtMLH1 is present as a single-copy gene in the Arabidopsis genome and is located on the top arm of chromosome 4 [1].

Biological context of ATMLH1


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