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Gene Review

AMT1;1  -  ammonium transporter 1;1

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on AMT1;1

  • The cDNA AMT1 contains an open reading frame of 501 amino acids and encodes a highly hydrophobic protein with 9-12 putative membrane spanning regions [1].
  • Transcript levels of AtAMT1;1, which possesses an affinity in the nanomolar range, steeply increased with ammonium uptake in roots when nitrogen nutrition became limiting, whereas those of AtAMT1;3 increased slightly, with AtAMT1;2 being more constitutively expressed [2].
  • Functional analysis of an Arabidopsis T-DNA "knockout" of the high-affinity NH4(+) transporter AtAMT1;1 [3].
  • Removal of N to increase AtAMT1;1 expression decreased high-affinity (13)NH(4)(+) influx in the mutant by 30% compared with wild-type plants, whereas low-affinity (13)NH(4)(+) influx (250 microM-10 mM NH(4)(+)) exceeded that of wild-type plants [3].
  • This result demonstrates that end products of NH4+ assimilation, rather than NH4+ itself, are responsible for regulating AtAMT1 gene expression [4].

Biological context of AMT1;1


Anatomical context of AMT1;1

  • Electrophysiological studies of Arabidopsis AtAMT1;1 expressed in oocytes revealed passive, Deltapsi-driven transport of NH(4)(+) through this protein [6].
  • Expression of AtAMT1;1 in a novel yeast mutant defective in endogenous ammonium transport and vacuolar acidification supported the above mechanism for AtAMT1;1 and revealed a central role for acid vacuoles in storage and retention of ammonia in cells [6].
  • AtAMT1;1 was plasma membrane localized and expressed in the root cortex and epidermis, including root hairs [7].

Associations of AMT1;1 with chemical compounds


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