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Gene Review

MYB34  -  myb domain protein 34

Arabidopsis thaliana

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Disease relevance of ATR1


High impact information on ATR1

  • Thus, ATR1 defines the first characterized tryptophan gene regulator in plants, and the atr1D mutation defines a sequence important for ATR1 expression [2].
  • A Myb homologue, ATR1, activates tryptophan gene expression in Arabidopsis [2].
  • The ATR1 transcript also includes a 5' regulatory region with three short ORFs, one of which is prematurely terminated by the atr1D mutation [2].
  • ATR1 encodes a protein of 692 amino acids, while ATR2 encodes either a 712-residue protein (ATR2-1), or a 702-residue protein (ATR2-2) depending on the choice of the initiation codon [3].
  • Biochemical characterization of the Arabidopsis ATR1/CYP73A5 and ATR2-1/CYP73A5 systems demonstrates that the two distantly related Arabidopsis reductases similarly support the first oxidative step of the phenylpropanoid general pathway [3].

Biological context of ATR1


Associations of ATR1 with chemical compounds

  • Here, we show that ATR1 overexpression confers elevated levels of IAA and IGs [4].


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