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Gene Review

TGA3  -  transcription factor TGA3

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: F2E2.14, F2E2_14, TGA1A-related gene 3, TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR TGA3
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High impact information on TGA3

  • Because leaf transfection assays indicate that TGA3 activates transcription, as noted previously for TGA2, these two TGA factors are predicted to make positive contributions to the expression of this target gene [1].
  • Calmodulin isoforms differentially enhance the binding of cauliflower nuclear proteins and recombinant TGA3 to a region derived from the Arabidopsis Cam-3 promoter [2].
  • Here evidence is reported for the first successful disruption of a non-selectable gene in Arabidopsis thaliana by creating a mutant of the TGA3 locus via targeted insertion of the bacterial neo gene conferring kanamycin (Km) resistance [3].
  • We demonstrate that TGA2, TGA5 and TGA6, and TGA3 to a lesser extent, are phosphorylated by an activity in rabbit reticulocytes [4].
  • Southern blot analyses at high stringency suggest that Arabidopsis contains only one copy of TGA3 per haploid genome [5].

Biological context of TGA3

  • Comparison of the genomic organization between TGA3 and the tobacco homologue PG13 reveals striking conservation in the sizes and positions of exons and introns in the region surrounding the bZIP domain [5].
  • However, low stringency Southern blot analyses with homologous and heterologous probes suggest that there is a multigene family of TGA1a-related genes present in Arabidopsis, of which TGA1, TGA2 and TGA3 are members [5].

Other interactions of TGA3


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