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Gene Review

OBF5  -  OCS-element binding factor 5

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on OBF5

  • NPR1 has been shown to interact with three closely related TGA transcription factors-TGA2, TGA5, and TGA6-in yeast two-hybrid assays [1].
  • Knockout analysis of Arabidopsis transcription factors TGA2, TGA5, and TGA6 reveals their redundant and essential roles in systemic acquired resistance [1].
  • Genes for ocs element binding factors (OBFs), which belong to a specific class of highly conserved, plant basic domain-leucine zipper transcription factors, have been isolated and include the Arabidopsis OBF4 and OBF5 genes [2].
  • Resistance was retained when a TGA5-accumulating line was combined genetically with a nim1-1 mutation or nahG (salicylate hydroxylase) transgene, indicating that resistance in these plants is due to an SA and SAR-independent mechanism [3].
  • OBF4 is more similar to the tobacco TGA1a and Arabidopsis TGA1 proteins, while OBF5 is more similar to the maize OBF3.1, wheat HBP1b and Arabidopsis aHBP1b proteins [4].

Biological context of OBF5

  • To elucidate the biological functions of these three TGA transcription factors, we analyzed single and combined deletion knockout mutants of TGA2, TGA5, and TGA6 for SA-induced PR gene expression and pathogen resistance [1].

Anatomical context of OBF5


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of OBF5


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