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Gene Review

TGA1  -  transcription factor TGA1

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: MQN23.15, MQN23_15, TGACG sequence-specific binding protein 1
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High impact information on AT5G65210


Biological context of AT5G65210

  • However, TGA1 differs from members of the GBF family in the spectrum of base pair permutations flanking the ACGT sequence that are required for DNA binding [2].
  • The amino acid sequence of RGA1 was 77% and 86% identical to the sequences of alpha subunits from Arabidopsis thaliana and tomato (products of GPA1 and TGA1), respectively, and 42% to 69% identical to sequences of mammalian alpha subunits [3].

Associations of AT5G65210 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of AT5G65210

  • TGA3 was also found to be expressed at the same level throughout the plant, whereas genes encoding TGA1 and OBF4 have relatively high RNA expression levels in root [4].
  • OBF4 is more similar to the tobacco TGA1a and Arabidopsis TGA1 proteins, while OBF5 is more similar to the maize OBF3.1, wheat HBP1b and Arabidopsis aHBP1b proteins [5].


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