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Gene Review

TBP2  -  TATA-box-binding protein 2

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ATTBP2, T5A14.8, T5A14_8, TATA binding protein 2
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High impact information on TBP2

  • We initially identified TGH as a yeast two-hybrid system interactor of the transcription initiation factor TATA-box binding protein 2 [1].
  • Protein binding experiments indicated that amino acid residues E-144 and E-146 of AtTBP2 are both essential for TFIIB binding in vitro [2].
  • Structural and functional analyses of the protein-DNA complex are presented, with a detailed comparison to our 1.9-angstroms resolution structure of Arabidopsis thaliana TBP2 bound to the same TATA box [3].


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