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Gene Review

GRX3  -  monothiol glutaredoxin GRX3

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Monothiol glutaredoxin-3, YD8557.05C, YDR098C
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Disease relevance of GRX3


High impact information on GRX3


Biological context of GRX3

  • However, our results also suggest that Grx3 and Grx4 might play additional roles in the oxidative stress response through proteins other than Aft1 [5].
  • The absence of both Grx3 and Grx4 induced a clear enrichment of G1 cells in asynchronous cultures, a slow growth phenotype, the accumulation of intracellular iron and a constitutive activation of the genes regulated by Aft1 [5].

Anatomical context of GRX3


Associations of GRX3 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of GRX3

  • Null mutation of grx3 did not significantly affect growth and resistance against various oxidants, whereas grx5 mutation caused slow growth and sensitivity toward oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide, paraquat, and diamide [6].
  • Thus, Grx3 and Grx4 are novel components required for Aft1 iron regulation that most likely occurs in the nucleus [2].


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