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Gene Review

EKI1  -  bifunctional choline kinase/ethanolamine...

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: EK, Ethanolamine kinase, YD8358.04, YDR147W
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High impact information on EKI1

  • The zinc-mediated regulation of EKI1 expression was attenuated in the zap1Delta mutant defective in the zinc-regulated transcription factor Zap1p [1].
  • Ethanolamine kinase catalyzes the committed step in the synthesis of phosphatidylethanolamine via the CDP-ethanolamine branch of the Kennedy pathway [1].
  • The beta-galactosidase activity driven by the P(EKI1)-lacZ reporter gene was elevated in zinc-depleted cells, indicating that the increase in ethanolamine kinase activity was attributed to a transcriptional mechanism [1].
  • Moreover, mutational analysis showed that the UAS(INO) element in the EKI1 promoter was required for the inositol-mediated regulation [2].
  • Using a cki1Delta eki1Delta mutant defective in choline kinase and ethanolamine kinase, we examined the consequences of a block in the Kennedy pathway on the regulation of phosphatidylcholine synthesis by the CDP-diacylglycerol pathway [3].

Biological context of EKI1

  • A multicopy plasmid containing the EKI1 gene directed the overexpression of ethanolamine kinase activity in wild-type, eki1Delta mutant, cki1Delta mutant, and eki1Delta cki1Delta double mutant cells [4].
  • The heterologous expression of the S. cerevisiae EKI1 gene in Sf-9 insect cells resulted in a 165,500-fold overexpression of ethanolamine kinase activity relative to control insect cells [4].
  • Transcription of the EKI1 gene was monitored by following the expression of beta-galactosidase activity driven by a P(EKI1)-lacZ reporter gene [2].
  • We identify a human cDNA encoding an ethanolamine-specific kinase EKI1 and the structure of the EKI1 gene located on chromosome 12 [5].

Anatomical context of EKI1

  • EKI1 overexpression in COS-7 cells results in a 170-fold increase in ethanolamine kinase-specific activity and accelerates the rate of [3H]ethanolamine incorporation into PtdEtn as a function of the ethanolamine concentration in the culture medium [5].

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