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Gene Review

SUL1  -  Sul1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: High-affinity sulfate transporter 1, SFP2, Sulfate permease 1, YBR2110, YBR294W
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High impact information on SUL1


Biological context of SUL1

  • This mutant was unable to grow on media containing less than 5 mM sulphate unless complemented with a plasmid containing the SUL1 cDNA [5].
  • Sequence motifs within the deduced amino acid sequence of this cDNA (SUL1) show homology with conserved areas of sulphate transport proteins from other organisms [5].
  • Southern blot analysis revealed that SFP2 exists as a single copy in haploid genome [6].

Anatomical context of SUL1

  • We conclude that the SUL1 cDNA encodes a S. cerevisiae high affinity sulphate transporter that is responsible for the transfer of sulphate across the plasma membrane from the external medium [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SUL1

  • Sequence analysis predicts the position of 12 putative membrane spanning domains in SUL1 [5].
  • Northern blot analysis showed that SFP2 produced a 2.8-kb transcript which was highly expressed under sulfur derepressing condition [6].


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