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Gene Review

APE2  -  Ape2p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: AP-II, Aminopeptidase 2, mitochondrial, Aminopeptidase II, LAP1, YKL157W, ...
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High impact information on APE2

  • Both lap1 and lap4 were mapped to the left arm of chromosome XI, and lap3 was mapped to the left arm of chromosome XIV [1].
  • In contrast, trimethionine, a model peptide used in transport assays, was not hydrolyzed by this aminopeptidase II-like activity, and the peptidase activity toward this substrate was localized in the soluble fraction of the yeast [2].
  • APE2 is located on the X chromosome at position p11.21 and consists of six exons [3].
  • APE2 was determined by DNA blot analysis to be a single-copy gene located on chromosome XI [4].
  • The cloned APE2 gene was sequenced and found to consist of an open reading frame of 2583 bp encoding a protein of 861 amino acids [4].

Biological context of APE2


Anatomical context of APE2


Associations of APE2 with chemical compounds

  • Plasmids capable of complementing lap1, lap2 and lap3 mutations [R.J. Trumbly and G. Bradley (1983) J. Bacteriol. 156, 36-48] were isolated from a yeast YEp13 library by screening for activity against the chromogenic aminopeptidase substrate L-leucine beta-naphthylamide in intact yeast colonies [4].

Other interactions of APE2

  • Genetic mapping by tetrad analysis shows that the SPE1 gene is located on the left arm of chromosome XI, 6 cM from the LAP1 gene and 43 cM from the TRP3 gene [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of APE2


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