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Gene Review

GAC1  -  Gac1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit GAC1, YOR178C
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Disease relevance of GAC1

  • DNA sequencing identified an HSFrr-interacting phage that contains the GAC1 gene [1].

High impact information on GAC1

  • As previously shown for glycogen phosphorylase (GPH1), GAC1 RNA accumulates concomitantly with the appearance of glycogen [2].
  • A strain with a mutation in the regulatory subunit of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase (bcy1) fails to accumulate GPH1 and GAC1 RNA [2].
  • Glycogen synthase is almost entirely in the active, glucose 6-phosphate-independent, form in cells with increased gene dosage of GAC1 whereas the enzyme is mostly in the inactive form in strains lacking GAC1 [2].
  • GAC1 encodes an 88 kDa protein that is similar to the regulatory subunit (RG1) of phosphoprotein phosphatase type 1 (PP-1) from skeletal muscle that targets PP-1 to glycogen particles [2].
  • The GAC1 gene encodes the regulatory subunit for a type 1 serine/threonine phosphoprotein phosphatase, Glc7 [1].

Biological context of GAC1

  • Gac1p, Pig1p, Pig2p and the YER054p are the only four proteins coded by the yeast genome that share a conserved segment of approximately 25 residues, designated the GVNK motif, that is identifiable also in RGI, the mammalian type 1 phosphatase targeting subunit [3].
  • In contrast, heat shock induction of CUP1 gene expression was completely abolished in a glc7 mutant and reduced in a gac1 mutant [1].
  • The glycogen accumulation phenotype of gac1 is similar to that of glc7-1, a type 1 protein phosphatase mutant [4].
  • We have partially characterized the GAC1 gene product (Gac1p) and show that levels of Gac1p increase during growth with the same kinetics as glycogen accumulation [4].

Physical interactions of GAC1

  • Furthermore, quantitative analysis showed that Glc7p affinity for the glycogen-binding noncatalytic subunit Gac1p was not the only parameter that determines the glycogen accumulation by a glc7 mutant [5].

Other interactions of GAC1

  • The expression of genes repressed by cAMP, GAC1 and TPS1, fused to beta-galactosidase, was also stimulated by deletion of SSA genes [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GAC1

  • The interaction between Gac1p and the glc7-1-encoded form of the type 1 protein phosphatase is defective, as assayed by either immunoprecipitation or the dihybrid assay [4].


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