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Gene Review

FIS1  -  Fis1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: MDV2, Mitochondria fission 1 protein, Mitochondrial division protein 2, YIL065C
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High impact information on FIS1

  • Furthermore, the ability of yeast Fis1 to inhibit mitochondrial fission and cell death can be functionally replaced by human Bcl-2 and Bcl-xL [1].
  • Dnm1p recruitment depends on the mitochondrial outer membrane protein Fis1p [2].
  • Furthermore, we show that conditional mutations in the Fis1p TPR-like domain cause fission complex assembly defects that are suppressed by mutations in the Mdv1p-predicted coiled coil [3].
  • We identify the WD40 repeat protein Caf4p as a Fis1p-associated protein that localizes to mitochondria in a Fis1p-dependent manner [2].
  • FIS1 encodes a novel, outer mitochondrial membrane protein with its amino terminus exposed to the cytoplasm [4].

Biological context of FIS1

  • The Tbfis1 coding region consists of a 468-nucleotide open reading frame interrupted by four introns, which encodes for a polypeptide of 155 amino acids, having a predicted transmembrane domain structure typical of the Fis1p Family. Southern blot analysis revealed that Tbfis1 is a single-copy gene in the T. borchii genome [5].

Anatomical context of FIS1

  • Quantitative analysis revealed a greater reduction in peroxisome number in oleate-induced vps1 cells relative to dnm1 or fis1 cells [6].
  • Dimeric Dnm1-G385D interacts with Mdv1 on mitochondria and can be stimulated to assemble into fission complexes containing Mdv1 and Fis1 [7].
  • Special emphasis is on the function of dynamin-related proteins (DRPs), on Fis1, a putative adaptor for DRPs, on the role of the Pex11 family of peroxisomal membrane proteins, and the cytoskeleton [8].

Associations of FIS1 with chemical compounds

  • We find that the frequencies of apparent matrix separation and fusion events decrease in both wild-type cells and in mutants lacking Fis1p upon glucose repression [9].

Physical interactions of FIS1

  • Fis1 lacking its N-terminal arm binds tightly to Dnm1, and binding is abolished by mutations to the Fis1 concave surface [10].

Other interactions of FIS1

  • Using a genetic approach, we identified two new genes in the fission pathway, FIS1 and FIS2 [4].
  • Dnm1p GTPase-mediated mitochondrial fission is a multi-step process requiring the novel integral membrane component Fis1p [4].


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