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Gene Review

MDV1  -  Mdv1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: FIS2, GAG3, J0802, Mitochondria fission 2 protein, Mitochondrial division protein 1, ...
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Disease relevance of MDV1


High impact information on MDV1

  • The WD40 repeat protein Mdv1/Net2 promotes cell death, consistent with its role in mitochondrial fission [4].
  • Mitochondrial division requires coordinated interactions among Fis1p, Mdv1p, and the Dnm1p GTPase, which assemble into fission complexes on the outer mitochondrial membrane [5].
  • Furthermore, we show that conditional mutations in the Fis1p TPR-like domain cause fission complex assembly defects that are suppressed by mutations in the Mdv1p-predicted coiled coil [5].
  • Here, we show that mitochondrial fragmentation and mitochondrial genome loss caused by lesions in MGM1 are suppressed by three novel mutations, gag1, gag2, and gag3 (for glycerol-adapted growth) [6].
  • Gag3p was localized to mitochondria where it was found to associate as a peripheral protein on the cytosolic face of the outer membrane [6].

Biological context of MDV1


Anatomical context of MDV1

  • Furthermore, our results indicate that Net2p is required for proper assembly of the mitochondrial fission components to regulate organelle division [8].
  • Whereas localization of Mdv1p to these structures requires Dnm1p, localization of Mdv1p to mitochondrial membranes does not [9].

Physical interactions of MDV1


Co-localisations of MDV1

  • In addition, Mdv1p colocalizes with Dnm1p in fission-mediating punctate structures on the mitochondrial outer membrane [9].

Regulatory relationships of MDV1

  • Overproduction of either domain of Net2p in yeast cells poisons mitochondrial fission, and the dominant-negative effect caused by the WD-repeats of Net2p is suppressed by increased levels of Dnm1p [8].

Other interactions of MDV1

  • However, the localization of Dnm1p to the mitochondrial outer membrane is substantially reduced by the gag2 mutation, but unaffected by loss of Gag3p [6].
  • The WD-repeats of Net2p interact with Dnm1p and Fis1p to regulate division of mitochondria [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MDV1


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